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Human Corrosion - Punk

the Sketchers - Ska







Listen up people we’ve got something to explain

This is a product it will make you go insane

Don’t think don’t ask just let it in

FEAR CAMPAIGN, let the struggle begin


Fear, fear, fear, fear, fear, fear. Feed the machine

Fear, fear, fear, fear, fear, fear. Feed the machine


Like every human being you are a social guy

But we sell guns which everyone will buy

Now shut up ‘cause your life is our property

We will bring fear and you will call it liberty


Neighbors robbed your house you can call it practice

Yes pick up your gun so you can call it justice

 Just don’t be scared and fight your fear

Or you will be the one to disappear


Work, the wheel of fortune starts at 6 am

Streets still getting darker, curfew 10 pm

Army marches on, slaughter all the homeless

They’re a waste of time, so no one cares less


Barricading doors and windows, looks like isolation

FEAR CAMPAIGN, the ultimate creation

Surging for your welfare, by our inspiration

FEAR CAMPAIGN, creation of your own imagination

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