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My Body Is Your Body, I Won't Tell Anybody,

If You Want To Use My Body, Go For It 

Every day and every night the people they say to me
Miss Honour thank you for the beautiful work that you be doing for our people
because everytime when you get out of your Corvette Stingray in your white pumps
and your pink ice washed jeans with the matching pink rap fur coat
we say "This thing, you got it going on, you is gorgeous"
and I say "I am so proud to serve you people because I know that with my looks I can achieve anything in this world"
Yes I got that Revlon contract
Oh yes thank you I'll take that record contract too
Because you know what? I'm gorgeous
and my job with my gorgeousness is to serve the people
Serve, and serve some more
Yes, thank you ladies and gentlemen for letting me do my beautiful work
and beautifing this beautiful world that is already, already so pretty.

I'm a classy honey kissy huggy lovey dovey ghetto princess


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