Naar deze concerten gaat fetcher allemaal:


Naar deze concerten is fetcher al geweest sinds 30-01-2004:

11-02-2006All for nothing, All in the game FlatertheekNaaldwijk
17-12-2005All for nothing, NAOP ( noisy act of protest) Little DevilTilburg
03-12-2005All for nothing, Second Chance, Eject het MuziekcafeKerkrade
02-12-2005All for nothing, Second Chance, Something Inside, Build On Trust Thrillbeats-ClubDresden
20-11-2005Delychees bruine pijbreda
18-11-2005 Batarpop II (All for nothig, Heavy Lord, Nox Aeterna, Enkindle) Maerlant CollegeBrielle
12-11-200550 Percent Off + All For Nothing Nederland 3Wateringen
11-11-2005All for nothing, Payback, TIDES MAY TURN, BALTHAZAR, DRAIN LIFE, MOMENT OF TRUTH BazartDen Haag
05-11-2005Punkrock In My veins # 5 Bomvrij HospitaalHellevoetsluis
15-10-2005All for nothing, 3rd Eye, Defuse PopcentraleDordrecht
08-10-2005All In The GameThe NoteHoogvliet
30-09-2005All for nothing, Second chance NighttownRotterdam
24-08-2005Alkaline Trio ParadisoAmsterdam
05-08-2005All for nothing, Drain life + more MusiconDen Haag
07-05-2005All for nothing, Second Chance De BeukBarendrecht
01-05-20057 Seconds W2Den Bosch
23-04-2005Upcoming Heroes/All for nothing/Five years Later PopcentraleDordrecht
22-04-2005Age of panic/All for nothing/Taking life back/Die Without A Struggle OJC Solution & De HutHillegom
09-04-2005Punknight: o.a. All For Nothing, Powerslib, 50 Percent Off Dock 03H.I. Ambacht
08-04-2005All for nothing, Any, Grechko’s Doll, Kitty Contana, Zundapp, Vegas for Millions WaterFrontRotterdam
02-04-2005Malkovich, All for nothing, Next Eleven JC IntervalPapendrecht
11-03-2005All for nothing, Age Of Panic, Taking Life Back MusiconDen Haag
18-02-2005All for nothing Paard van TrojeDen Haag
11-02-2005All for nothing, Drain Life, Facewreck BaroegRotterdam
14-01-200550 percent off + let it burn PopcentraleDordrecht
13-01-2005Laguerra, Allfornothing, Stöma WaterFrontRotterdam
17-12-2004all for nothing, Second chance FightbackBad Neustadt
14-12-2004Beastie Boys Heineken Music HallAmsterdam
10-12-2004All for nothing, Sidekick Bob, Action heroes NighttownRotterdam
27-11-2004Punk as Fuck Tour 2004de KadeZaandam
05-11-2004All for nothing, The Mispelt (UK) ScumKatwijk
29-10-2004All for nothing + support ParkhausDuisberg
17-09-2004All for nothing, 3rd Eye PoortgebouwRotterdam
15-09-2004All for nothing WaterFrontRotterdam
10-09-2004All for nothing, Second Change [NL], Payback MusiconDen Haag
20-08-2004All for nothing, 3rd Eye & LaguerraDe BakkerijCastricum
21-07-2004All For Nothing WaterFrontRotterdam
04-07-2004All For Nothing Metropolis festivalrotterdam
27-06-2004Shai Hulud GoudvishalArnhem
25-06-2004Release Party All For Nothing debuut album NighttownRotterdam
18-06-2004Punk As Fuck Tour 2004 PoortgebouwRotterdam
24-03-2004Good Riddance + Supports MelkwegAmsterdam
20-02-2004The Jerry Spider Gang / All for Nothing / Cherry Bombs NighttownRotterdam

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