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Atari Teenage Riot - Revolution Action (Banned Version)
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en ja berichtjes zijn altijd welkom!!!


de politie is je beste vriend...

the partisans-blind ambition

I woke up in the morning I was looking for a sign
I thought I was doing well and everything was fine
But as the hours past and it did not last
The people laughed as they walked on past
They looked at me strange as they walked out of range
I heard their idle threats try to put me to the test
I was up all day and I was up all night
Wondering when things would turn out right
My heart it bleeds for those who cannot see the right from wrong
They can't find a way out though they say they are strong
Contented and confined to a life of misery
Like a blind mans ambition to swim the raging sea
I did my best to beat the rest, to be a man and work it out
But people said I was going mad
That I'd lost all sanity I'd ever had
Was it the drugs or was it the pressure
Could have been life on the never never
Plastic people were all around
Happy with their dreams and the safe pop sound
Don't put me down cos I'm different to you
Don't slag me off and I won't slag you
Beat me up if it pleases you
You are Mr. Nobody I can see through you
You've got your car and you've got your house
You're kids are very happy in the happy happy house
A holiday in Spain you need a break
Dancing in the Discos until the day break
Hit your kids if they step out of line
Send them to school make sure they do fine..

                                                                                             beter draai je je jonkoe binnenste buiten!!!!

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gooi er toch eten uit IDIOTEN!