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Alabama Thunder Pussy – rise again
The Aldermen – hoods in hoodland
The Almighty – psycho-narco
Anticops – everybody bleeds tonight
Avenged Sevenfold – warmness on the soul MCD
Avenged Sevenfold – 2 song PROMO waking the fallen

The Badtown Boys – pennyless in paradise
Beneath the Remains – quest of the lost souls MCD
The Brandos – nowhere zone
Ron Brandsteder – moppentappers 2CD
Bronson Deathwish – settle the score MCD
Brothers Keeper – the continuum
The Bruce – fight for freedom

Canned Heat – Canned Heat
Circle of Death – 2 song demo
Clenched Fist – welcome to Memphis
Comin Correct – in memory of
Crivits – once again
The Cutthroats 9 – the cutthroats 9
Dead Serious – it’s what you can’t see
Dead Wrong – hellbomb MCD
Death by Stereo – day of the death
Devoted to Hate – revenge
Diehard Youth – without the kids we would be dead
Disrespect – hit the ceiling
Johnny Dowd – temporary shelter
Dying Breed - take my soul…give me grave

Earthmover – death carved in every word
Eels – electroshock blues
Elδkelδiset – werbung, baby!
Error – error MCD
The Fathoms - overboard
Filthy Thieving Bastards – a melody of retreads and broken bottles

Gallery of Mites – bugs on a bluefish
The GC 5 – never bet the devil your head
The Goons – living in America
Groovie Ghoulies – fun in the dark
Ironbound NYC- with a brick
The Juke Joints – walking down Memphis

Kalel – lolita
Kingpin – bad habits die hard MCD
Wayne Kramer – dangerous madness
Wayne Kramer – citizen wayne
Robby Krieger – no habla


Lockjaw – a lesson in hate
Lost in da System – all that’s been said and done
Loudness- on the prowl
Luca Brasi – fuck your world MCD

Mad Parade – this is life
Man or Astroman? – what remains inside a black hole
The Meteors – only the meteors are pure psychobilly
Ministry – dark side of the spoon
M.O.D. – dictated aggression
M.O.D. – the rebel you love to hate
Cliff Morrison – know peaking
The Motherhips – part-timer goes full
My Own Victim – my own victim MCD

No Retreat – rise of the underdog
No Turning Back – damage done

Orange 9mm – orange 9mm MCD
O.u.t.s.i.d.e. – against again

The Peepshows – Today we kill … Tomorrow we die
Pikkatrillaz – genoeg gelachen
Pittbull – new all-time low
Powerhouse – what lies ahead
Pride Kills – life of hate
The Pug Uglies – minimum wage
Punishable Act – where it came from MCD

Quarterback – back in business
Quicksand – manic compression

Reckoning Force – it’s time to fight back
Redline – portrait of a mirror image

The Saints – all fools day
Settle the Score – royal flash
Shattered – from the heart
Shutdown – few and far between
Six ft. Ditch – faces of death
Spidercrew – you better recognize MCD
Spidercrew – a menace to society
Striking Distance – the bleeding starts here
Stuck Up – adrenalin MCD
Sugar Daddie- hell or high water
Suburban Prejudice – never enough

Thumbs Down – going for gold MCD
Tomorrow – tomorrow
Totaal Verlept – totally wasted
Trapped In Life – 12 icons
Type O Negative – october rust

Violent Solution – come into the flames
Voodoo Glow Skulls – firme
Voodoo Glow Skulls – baile de los locos

Wasted – can’t wash off the stains MCD
Weekend Bowlers – what are we gonna do about this?
Where Fear and Weapons Meet – where fear and weapons meet MCD
With Honor – self titled ep MCD

1208 – feedback is payback

Against the Grain/ Between the Lines - split CD
Counterpart/ Urban conflict - crossfire
One King Down/ Spirit of Youth – split ep
Clobberin Time / Personal Vendetta – tape measure blast
Unite / December – the NATO project.
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