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en wie mag ik er blij mee maken ?
Mag eventueel ook ruilen, laat maar weten.
Doe anders een bod, verzendkosten komen erbij op.
Wel serieuze reacties graag via xtheviewx@hotmail.com en niet via de PM, zit hier niet zo vaak.

Bad Business - S/T 7" Grave Mistake (red vinyl 2nd press #300)
Dag Nasty - Just in transit 7 Bootleg
Drowningman - How they light cigarettes in prison 7
Foreclosure/Set Aside - Split (Own release) GRATIS VOOR DE 1e KLANT !!
Get A Grip S/T (Strike 3 red vinyl)
I Against I - Top of the world 7
In Arm's Reach -S/T (Anger Management)
Jellyroll Rock Heads/Exclaim - Split (625 Trashcore)
The Change - S/T 7" Monument (#500 1st press)
The Phantom Pains/American Werewolves - Split 7 This Blessing This Curse 2004 (purple vinyl #330)
Wear The Mark - Thrown to the wolves 7" Straight On (black/clear vinyl)

Comeback Kid Turn it around
Damage Control What it takes
Gascoigne - Massive Assault
On Fire - Truckstop armageddon
The Promise - Believer
Snapcase - Lookinglasself
Subject To Change What tomorrow brings
Waterdown - Never kill the boy on the first date
Adam Ant Hits
Cryptopsy None so vile

At The Gates Slaughter of the soul Picture Disc
Breather Resist - Charmer LP Level-Plane 2004 (white vinyl #1000)
Chalkline - In the present tense LP
Endeavor - Contructive semantics LP
For The Living - Worth holding onto LP
For The Living - Bridges burned LP
Gang Green - Can't LIVE without it LP
Girls Against Boys - Freak on ica 2-LP (blue vinyl)
Girls Against Boys - You can't fight what you can't see LP (orange vinyl)
Grey Area - S/T LP (No lyricsheet, pricetag on the backcover)
Highscore - New fuel 12"
Ignition - The orafying mysticle of . 12" EP
JR Ewing - The perfect drama 10" EP
Skulls And Flames - Dead area paranoia LP
They Live - S/T LP
The Cable Car Theory - Whispers in the wind LP
Victims Family- The germ LP
V/A No Borders - A Collection of Japanese & American Hardcore LP
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