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400 hunderes years- the new imperialism Gereserveerd
400 hunderes years- transmit failure Gereserveerd
A New way to Trust- Never grow old never die
A Perfect Murder- Unbroken
Aframes- Black Forrest
Aganinst me- As the eternal cowboy
Age of Ruin- The tides of tragedy
Always Outnumbers- When potential outweighs ability
Anal Thunder- Table for One
Angel City Outcasts- Let it Ride
Angere regiment- Aces and eights
Anti Cops- Everybody bleeds tonight
Anti flag- the terror state
As I lay Dying- Shawows are security
Atom and his package- attention blah blah blah
Atomic Bitchwax-S/t
Atreyu- Suicide Notes and Butterfly Kisses
Atreyu- The Curse
Avoid one thing-Chopstick Bridge
Awoken- Demo 2003
Bane- The Note
Bear Vs Shark- Right now, youíre in the best hands
Bear Vs Shark- Terror Hawk
Beautiful Mistake- S/t
Bee and Flower- What ;s mine is yours
Beecher- the forth wall
Before Today- A celebrating of an ending
Big Collapse- Prototype
Big D and the table kids- Good luck
Billy Idol- Devils Playground
Black Label Society- Shot to Hell
Black Maria- Lead us to Reason
Bloodsucking Zombies from outer space- A night at grand guignol
Bold- The search
Boozed- Tight pants
Brain Setzer- tribute to sun records
Break the Silence- near life experience
Breakdance Vietnam- Memories of Better days
Breakin Pangaea- Phoenix
Breather resist- only in the..
Brothers Keeper- Five hits from Hell
Bullet for my Valentine- The Poison
Byzantine- the fundamental component
Callenish Circle- (Pitch. Black. Effects)
Chamberlain- Exit 263
champion- time slips away
Chiodos- Allís well that ends well
Closet Monster- Killed the Radiostar
Coalesce-0:12 Revolution in Just listening
Coalition- The Sight and the Sound
Comets on fire- Avatar
Crash Romeo- Minutes to Miles
Crematorium- The process of Endtime
Cromatics- Plaster Hounds
Curl up and die- unfortunately we\'re not robots
Damiera- M(us)ic
Darlington- Euthanize Me
Dead girls ruin everything- what perfect ending
Deadline- more to it then meets the eyes
Deafness by Noise- Last Minute Call
Dear Headlights- Small steps heavy hooves
Death on Wednesday- bying the lie
Denali- The Instinct
Descendents- Merican
Destruction made simple- Terror Sticken Youth
Devil Sold his Soul- Darkness Prevails
Dinosaur Jr- Bug
Dinosaur Jr- s/t
disciple ad- the revelation
Disco Ensemble- First Aid Kit
DOA- Live Free or Die
Down By Law- windwardtidesandwaywatdsails
Down my Throat- Through the river of Denial
D-rail The Kinetics of Decaying Structure
Dustin Kensrue- Please come home
Ektomorf- Live and Raw
Elad love Affair- A woman gives birth to a gun
Embrace Today-We are the enemy
Endicott- The Words in Ink donít Lie
Endwell Homeland Insecurity
Everest- The Road Less Traveled
Far antula a hawk- s/t
Fear My Thoughts- Bulcanus
Fell silent- drunken violence
Fifth hour hereo- scattered sentences
Forever is forgotten- dying beautiful
Frenzel Rhomb- Sans souci
Further seems forever- the moon is downGereserveerd
Gatsbys American dream- why we fight
Gitogito hustlers- Gito gito galore
Glass and Ashes- Aesthetic Arrest
Go it Alnone/ Blue Monday- Split
Gods- I see you through Glass
Gogogo Airhearts- S/t
Good Clean Fun- Positively positive 1997-2002
Gu medicine-s/t
Gunmoll/Fifth hour hero
Halface gunroom- wrecked
Hanoi Rocks- Self Destruction Blues
Hater- the Second
Helmet- MonoChrome
Human Abstract-Nocturne
Hunter Gatherer- Low standards for high fives
In Quest- Bombing industries
In Quest- Destination pyroclasm
J Church- Storm The Tower
Kruger- Cattle truck
Lawrence arms- oh calcutta!
Learn- Life andÖ
Liar/Sunrise- Split
Liars Academy- No Newsis Good News
Liars Academy- Trading my live
Life or Death- Sentenced
Limbeck- Everythingís great
Line of fire-S/t
Love Equal Death- Night America
Luca Brasi- Fuck The World
Ludicra- anoither great love song
Man without plan- get right
Massacre of the umbilcal Core-Im surprised he hasnít killed anyone
MC Lars-The Laptop EP
Me without you- Six reason to drop out
Melee- Against the Tide
Mercuryswitch- Time to shine
Miles Away- Consequences
Mindfield- Be-low
My Awesome compelation- the view is amazing
My Cross to bar- Lex Talionis
Nakatomi Plaza- Private property
No Idols- low (swing the piramid hands)
NOFX- so long and thanks for all the shoes
Nor am I- Cause Above the conquest
Olympia- Emergencies
Outside we are fine- you in series
Over It Timing is Everything
Pale- Goodbye Trouble
Path of no return- black nights coming
Peawees- Dead End City
Pedro The Lion-Winners Never quit
Phoeinix Bodies- Raise the bullshit flagGereserveerd
Piebald- All Ears, All Eyes, All The Time
Pinebend- the high price of livingÖ
Pink Razors- Witing to wash up
Pitch Black- Thius the modern sound
Planes Mistaken for Stars- MercyGereserveerd
Please mr gravedigger- Throw a Beat
PN- The art of being we
Premonitions of was- Left in Kowloon
Project X- Straight edge revenge
Red Eyes Legends- The High I feel when Iím Low
Reel Big Fish- Everything sucks
Remembering NeveróGod Saves Us
Renee Heartfelt- death of the ghost
Rge helio sequence- love and distance
Right On- Reality Vacation
Rightside- True Force
River City Rebels- No good, no time, no pride
Roses are red- What became of me
Rydell- Hard on the Trial
Sainte Catherines- Dancing for Decadence
Scarlet- Something to lust about
Scarlet- This was always meant to fall apart
Scars of Tomorrow- Rope tied to the trigger
Scraps and heart attacks- still sick
Scum- Gospel of the sick (Leden van turbonegro en Emperor)
Sebodah- III
Settlefish- dance a while upset
Seven storey mountian- Based on a true story
Sex Pistols- Spunk
She Said Destroy- Time like Vines
Sinai Beach- Immersed
Sinai Beach- When breath escapes
Sledgehammmer- Your arsenist
Slowdance- Good People
Small Towns burn a little flower- s/t
Smoking Popes- Tribute (Grade, The Ataris, Death on Wednesday)
Snitches get Stitches- I liked you better when you were a corpse
Sparta- Austere
Speak 714- Knee-deep in Guilt
Spitalfield- Stop doing bad things
Squirtgun- fade to bright
St Hood- Sacrificed
Stand and Fight- Together we win
Stars in battledress- secrets and signals
Stiv Bators- LA ConfidentialGereserveerd
Stranger by way- The death of Apathy
Stratovarius- Elements 1&2 Special edition
Subhumans- live at a dive
Suffocate Faster- Only Time Will Tell
Suicide Silence- S/t
T cells/ Fast forward
The Acacia Strain- The Dead Walk
The Autumn Offering- Revelations of the Unsung
The Black heart procession- the spell
The Change- S/t
The Chuck Norris experiment- s/t
The Classic Struggle- Feel Like hell
The Code/ Whatever It takes- split
The Cramps- Fiends of dope Island
The Defectors- Baby Gimme Love
The fight- home is where the hate is
The First Step- What we know
The Hurt Process- Drive by Monologue
The king Blues- under the fog
The Lost- Hidden beneath the shadows of fear
The Queers- summer hits vol.1
The real Mckenzies- oot & aboot
The Rise- Reclamation Process
The Robots- We are Everywhere
The secret- luce
The Slackers- Better Late Than Never
The Smackdown- calling the spots
The Snake, The cross, the crown- cotton teeth
The Soviettes- LP II
The Soviettes- LP III
The Starvations- Dravityís a bitch
The Stereo- New london is calling
The Stryder- Jungle City Twitch
The Twilight Transmission- The dance of destruction
The Underwater- Bleed Me Blue
The Vows- s/t
The wage of sin- The product of deceit and loneliness
The wireless stores- dust ghosts
Thirty-two Frames- S/t
This is Hell- Sundowning
Throwrag- Desert Shores
Time in Malta- Alone with the Alone
Torn Apart- Nothing is permanent
Trapdoor fucking exit- be not content
True North- Somewhat similar
Ultimate Fakebook- Electric Kissing Parties
Unwritten Law- Oz factor
US bombs- put strenghth in the final blow
Us Bombs- put strength in the final blow
V/A- Back on Black, Black Flag Tribute met TDEP, GUTG, Most Precious Blood, Converge
V/A Generations met Righteous Jams, Cold World, Metal, Blacklisted
V/A- Warped tour 2006
V/A- We Reach Melvins Tribute met TDEP, Mastodon, SYL, Isis, Eyehategod
Vanishing- Still Lifes are Failing
Vaux- Plagues Music
Wake Up call- One Eye Open
Warpig- s/t
Waterdown- The Files you have on me
What lie Within/ Death before disco - split
Whatever it Takes- A fistful of revolution
Whiskey and co- S/t
Windmails by the ocean-S/t
Wiseguy- Burning The Tracks
With Dead Hands Rising- The Horror grows near
With Resistance- s/t
Withered- Memento Mori
Wolf Eyes- Human animal
Xbishopx- suicide Party
Yellowcard- One for the Kids
Zao- Parade of chaos
Zao- The fear that keeps us here
Zox- The wait
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