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17 Stiches-Closer than you think
A 18-Forever after nothing (promo)
Agrotoxico-Chaos 1998
As I Lay Dying-Frail worlds collapse
Atreyu-Suicide notes and butterfly kisses
Back Against The Wall-Down to earth
Cleansweep-A fight far beyond your thoughts
Caliban-The opposite from within
Caliban-A small boy and a grey heaven
Course Of Action-Carving our way by tearing our faith
Darkdayrising-Underworld dreams
Deadlock/Six Reasons To Killsplit
Discharge-Vision Of War (2cd)
E-Town Concrete-The Renaissanse
Face to Face-Face to Face
Inked in Blood-Lay waste the poets
Larm-Extreme Noise
King of Clubz-The day you die
Morda-Eighty Six
MDC-Shades of brown
MDC-Millions of dead cops/more dead cops
On The Rise-Burning Inside
Payback-Oldschool warriors (promo)
Punishable Act-Anti-vision
The Promise-Believer
Reckoning Force-Itís time to fight back
Ringworm-Birth is pain
Ringworm-Justice replaced revenge
Rykerís-Payback time
Rykerís-Brother Against Brother
Rykerís-Ground Zero
Stand & Fight-Together we win
Subject To Change-What tomorrow brings
Settle the score-Five knuckle philosophy
Throught the discipline-demo
Through the discipline-Art of survival
The Wage Of Sin-A mistaken belief in forever
The Wage Of Sin-The product of deceit and loneliness
Waterdown-Never kill the boy on the first date
V/A-Hardcore latino
Vice Dolls-Die trying

DVD: Hellfest 2000 (5 euro)

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