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Adolescents - s/t (blauw vinyl)
The Briefs - Sex Objects (rood vinyl)
The Bones - Screwed, Blued & Tattooed (blauw vinyl, er zit een kras op waardoor 1 2 nummers niet te luisteren zijn)
The Clash - Give \'em Enough Rope
Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers - L.A.M.F. Revisited
Blondie - Plastic Letters
Oxymoron - Fuck the 90\'s
The Briefs - Singles Only
The Boys - s/t
The Briefs - Steal Yer Heart
The Boys - live @ the roxy 77
TV Killers - Fucking Frenchies
New Bomb Turks - Destroy o boy
Alkaline Trio/One Man Army split
The Girls - s/t
Minor Threat/Youth Brigade - Demo\'s

New Bomb Turks - Pretty Lightning
Shakin Nasties/The Shocks split
Shaggable Sluts 7\"
The SOnics - Boss Hoss
The hives - Walk idiot walk (wit vinyl)
the shocks - banned from the usa (oranje/blauw vinyl)
The stitches - you tear me out
the stitches - automatic
the briefs - love and ulcers/we americans
the briefs - shes abrasive/like a heartattack
jack and the rippers - no desire (groen vinyl)
spittin vicars 7\"
bombshell rocks - the will the message
the briefs - lookin true gary glitters eyes
black star brigade - commin thru the radio ariwaves (blauw vinyl)
beans/bbk split
new town animals 7\"
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