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Prijs: diversen
New Age Records:
Mean Season - Bleed to me (black vinyl)
Outspoken - survival (cowsleeve with red lettering, combined release with conversion records)
Outspoken - the current (clear vinyl)
Ressurrection - s/t (black vinyl)

Victory Records:
VR01 Inner Strength - Time for reality (marathon 1990 #46/100, xeroxed sleeve)
VR01 Inner Strength - Time for reality (regular sleeve)
VR02 Billingsgate - Reach Out (sleeve with blue lettering, black vinyl)
VR04 Insight - What will it take (blue tiger sleeve, black vinyl)
VR09 Snapcase - s/t (black vinyl)

Conversion Records:
#1 Positive Approach - Just hang on (blue vinyl)
#2 Yuckmouth s/t (light greenish vinyl)
#4 Face Value - coming of age
#9 Relapse - if this is right

Admiral - revolving and loading (ebullition)
Against All Hope - dry wall (new direction recs #1)
Against All Hope - breaking through (round flat recs)
Antidote (the NYC) - Zero Mentality live at CBGB's 24/7/83 (bootleg)
Battery - s/t (deadlock recs)
Blindfold _ Deprogrammers do not exist (PMA 1)
Blindfold - Sober Mind Meditation (warehouse 5)
Blindfold - world of fools (machination) Commited - The pride we share (punk uprisings/refelctions)
Degradation - still screaming
Drift Again - s/t (network sound)
Edgewise - Silent Rage (clear vinyl) Smorgasbord Records
Envy - s/t (new direction recs #2)
Even Score - A new means (grey vinyl) Axtion Packed Records
Farcry - much time spend waiting
Fury - resurrection
Good Clean Fun - shopping for a crew (reflections)
Halfmast - Together
Insight (the one from the USA) - Standing strong(soulforce)
Insight (the other band...from the UK) - Beyond the Circle (rugger bugger recs)
Insurgency - s/t
Ironside - Fragments of the last judgement
Ironside - Damn your blooded eyes
Life's Halt - we sold our soul for hardcore e.p.
Love, Thruth & Honesty - the impossible dream
Open Season - 1989-1991/Roma Crew (black vinyl)
Payback - draw the line (darkblue lettering)
Pitbull - I've given up/don't make me (Fist-o-cuff)
Pitbull - Don't push me I'm a regular guy (Tantrum Recs)
Reinforce - One Life Thug Free
Spirit 84 - Beyond the call of friendship (goodlife)
Statement - don't sacrifice me (this is NOT the hardline statement but a different band)
Stronghold - s/t (Doghouse - red vinyl)
Ten Yard Fight - Demo 1995
Think Twice - Loyalty
Today's waste- we've made the choice ep (Finnish sXe!)
Transcend - Product Of Greed (cowsleeve, yellow vinyl) Doghouse Recs
Transcend - Product Of Greed (foxsleeve, yellow vinyl) Doghouse Recs
Transcend - Dedication (#242/500, red vinyl)
Transcend - Dedication (test press, black vinyl)
Unbroken - and/fall on proverb
Wind Of Change - a promise kept (Stepforward recs)
Xplaged with rageX
X-woolhead - Give and take (old world recs, #362/500)
V/A - a fool's paradise, sante barbara comp(eg suckerpunch, downcast)
V/A - No control at the country club live (eg. bad religion, insted) Nemesis Records
V/A - Regress no way XXX (eg.Nations on Fire, Blindfold)
V/A - Revive us again (eg Hiatus, Man Is The Bastard, Nations On Fire)
V/A - Stronger Than Ever sXe-comp (eg. Guidingline, Vitamin X)

Onder bieding zijn op dit moment:
Integrity - In contrast of sin
Integrity/Mayday - Les 120 journees de sodome (Game Two Recs, red vinyl)
Integrity/Mayday - Les 120 journees de sodome (Endgame recs #2, blck vinyl)
Powerhouse - s/t (black vinyl)
Pressure Release - Prison of my own (black vinyl)
Unbroken - You won't be back (black vinyl)
V/A - Albany Style Hardcore (wolfpack, fit for abuse, no outlet, combined effort recs)

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