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Aangeboden door: marnix
Rubriek: Muziek
oi, punk en hardcore te ruil en tekoop. stuur maar een berichtje.

Hateful – Reasons to be hateful (rebellion rec.)
Schusterjungs – wir sind fertig fur die schlacht (oi! digipack)
Nerve Agents – the Butterfly Collection (digipack)
Hard Ons – Very Exciting
I walk the Line – Badlands
Eastside Boys – Die Zeit ist Reif (digi pack)
The Cramps – How to Make A monster (dubbel cd)
Broken Bottles – In the Bottles (TKO rec.)
E-town concrete – the second coming
Those Unknown – and the serve us scraps?! (TKO rec)
Electric Frankenstein 0 Listen up, BABY! (tko re-release)
Maximum Penalty – Uncle Sham
The Ruiners – How’s that grab ya? (disaster rec.)
Gore gore girls – up all night
Heartbreak Engines – bood drinks, good butts, good fellows (psychobilly)
Anal beard
Pork Dukes – Kum Kleen
Hooftpijn – voorbij de T
Da Skywalkers - End Of A Chapter, Start Of A New
Red Lights Flash - And Time Goes By
Amazombies – bitches&stitches
Lightyear - Call Of The Weasel Clan
Adequate Seven - Songs Of Innocence And Of Experience
Rage Against the Machine – Evil Empire
Revillos – Attack
No One’s Victim – on a thin line streetpunkrock’n’roll)
Nervous chillin’ – the kid & liberty (U scream rec.)
Wretched Ones – Less is More
Adolf and the Piss artists – Hate Generator (TKOrec.)
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