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de laatste tijd weer wat spullen toegevoegd aan de webshop:

All For Nothing - Solitary MCD (WTF Records)
True Valiance - Hooked On Revenge MCD (Rucktion)
Special Move - Curse Of The Blackwater CD (Rucktion)
Deal With It - End Time Prophecies CD (Rucktion)
Billy Club Sandwich - The Usual Suspects CD (Rucktion)
Bad Reaction - Had It Coming MCD (Reflections)
Danforth / Hardside - Paris Rising split MCD
Deathskulls [UK] - The Real Deal CD
Miles To Go [DE] - Outburst MCD
Never Face Defeat [DE] - Changing Times CD
Onesta [FR] - We Got Game CD
Ruiner [USA] - I Heard These Dudes Are Assholes CD

+ vinyl:
All For Nothing [NL] - Solitary 7" (DRA Entertainment)
Frightener [USA] - Guillotine LP (Red splatter)
Gehenna [USA] - The War Of The Sons... LP (green)
Integrity [USA] - Walpurgisnacht 7" (Grey)
Trapped Under Ice / Dirty Money split 7" (black / transparent)
Hatebreed - Satisfaction is the death of desire LP (jade green)
In Cold Blood - Suicide King LP
Pulling Teeth [USA] - Martyr Immortal LP (White)
Pulling Teeth [USA] - Vicious Skin 10" Picture Disc
Slumlords [USA] - St LP Picture Disc
Black Haven [BE] - Lazarus 7" (black)
Citizens Patrol [NL] - Dead Children 7"
Citizens Patrol [NL] - Sick Routine 7"
Civil Terror [NL] - Rising 7"
Die Young (TX) - Loss 7" (Grey)
Room 13 [NL] - User Abuser 7"
Shredder [BE] - Dammit Riggs 7" (ORANGE/BLACK SPLATTER)
Shredder [BE] - Revolter 7" (black)
Suicidal Tendencies [USA] - St 25th Anniv Ed. LP

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