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nieuwe harde titels zojuist binnen gekomen:
Black N Blue Bowl 2008 DVD
All For Nothing [NL] - Solitary MCD
Comeback Kid [USA] - Through The Noise CD + DVD
Danny Diablo [USA] - Hardcore 4 The Coldhearted 2CD
Furious Styles [USA] - Menace CD
Hatebreed [USA] - Live Dominance DVD
International Superheroes Of Hardcore-HPxHC 7`` blue/silver
Lionheart [USA] - The Will To Survive CD
Mouthpiece [USA] - Cant Kill What`s Inside Discography CD
N.Y.H.C Documtary - 2DVD
New Morality [NL] - Fear Of Nothing ** LP **
Settle The Score [DE] - 100% Real The XXL Edition 2CD
Shattered Realm [USA] / Toetag [USA] split MCD
Suffer The Living [USA] - War Is All I Know CD
Terror [USA] - Forever Crossing The Line CD
The Platoon [DE] - Like Hyenas In The Desert MCD
Throwdown [USA] - Haymaker / Vendetta ***2LP***
Walls Of Jerrich [USA] - The American Dream ***LP*** RED
Death & Taxes [USA] - Tattooed Hearts & Broken Promises CD
Bad Luck Charms [USA] - St CD
Pilgrimz [DK] - Boar Riders CD
The Change [SE] - The Deer Moss Murders CD
La Vieja Guardia - St MCD
North Side Kings - Suburban Royalty CD
Discipline - Downfall Of The Working Man CD
Discipline - Old Pride New Glory 2CD
Tech 9 - Nine Lives CD
Ducky Boys - The War Back Home
Ducky Boys - Three Chords And The Trutch CD
Mark Lind - Death Or Jail CD
Ramallah - Kill A Celebrity CD + LP
Blood For Blood - Serenity CD
Maximum Penalty - Demo 89 rerelease CD

+ veul meer

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