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Boxcutter - The Ill Testament CD
Hatebreed [USA] - Live Dominance DVD+CD [ltd edition]
XDeathstarX [USA] - The Triumph CD [re-release]
Heaven Shall Burn [DE] - Antigone/Deaf To Our Prayers 2CD
Heaven Shall Burn [DE] - Iconoclast (Part 1: The Final R.)
CDC [USA] - Burn MCD
Only Attitude Counts [AT] - Triumph Of The Underdogs CD + LP
The Vendetta vs Danny Diablo - When Worlds Collide CD
Skam Dust [USA] - Son Of Skarhead MCD
Providence [FR] - Far Beyond Our Depth MCD
Shattered Realm [USA] / Toetag [USA] split MCD
Walls Of Jerricho [USA] - The American Dream CD + LP
XDeathstarX [USA] - The Triumph CD [re-release]
Mouthpiece [USA] - Cant Kill What`s Inside Discography CD + LP
Stigma [USA] - New York Blood LP
DTD [USA] - Never Looking Back MCD
Spider Crew [AT] - Expect The Unexpected CD
Legends Stand Tall [USA] - SNS Records sampler
This Is Hardcore Fest 2008 DVD
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